2018 Michigan State Fair Superstar Winners present a fresh-faced look at a range of musical genres, tied together by pure harmonies only sisters can create. Their storytelling lyrics of personal experience give you a glimpse into their lives, and leave you feeling like you walked through these times by their side. The Keynote Sisters debuted their latest EP, Rose Colored Glasses, at their sold out 20 Front Street show and have been continuing to gain momentum ever since, making their mark on Michigan music one show at a time.


1.11.20  Opened for Jill Jack's Annual Birthday Bash at The Ark

11.28.19  Performed at WDIV America's Thanksgiving Parade

8.23.19  SOLD OUT Rose Colored Glasses EP Release Show at 20 Front Street 

9.2.18  Named the 2018 Michigan State Fair Superstar Grand Prize Winner 


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