Welcome To Our Blog!

Hey everyone, and welcome to our blog!

We have been wanting to start this for a while and thought now is the perfect time, amidst COVID and minimal in-person interaction, to connect with you all. Here, you will find a bit of insight into our lives, where we'll talk about everything from life as musicians to living with your bandmate to non-music related topics. Ever wonder how we write as a duo? How rehearsals go for sisters who live together? How we balance music with our outside lives as a health care worker and theatre student? We will be answering these questions and many more in regards to our musicianship, sibling relationship, and lifestyle as young people in the music industry.

Switching off authors between Phoebe and Jaclyn, you'll get hear both perspectives of the women behind Keynote Sisters. We are SO excited to share with you our thoughts, ideas, and questions we encounter on this musical journey and cannot wait for you to be a part of it. <3